David Sloves


Loosen up and say ahhh...

My technique, “Deep Chi Massage,” is customized approach that integrates Deep Tissue, Swedish and Eastern modalities to support the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Listening with my hands, I like to find the sweet spots (trigger points) that are at the source of patterns of tension and chronic pain. This helps release muscle contractions and adhesions while also increasing the elasticity of fascia, improving the functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems, and countless other benefits.

And most of all… massage simply feels good!

Enjoy peaceful, comfortable, down to earth environments for all our sessions.

“I don’t usually enjoy massage, getting them out of necessity. But David has turned that around for me. He has a sensitivity and attentiveness that many other massage therapists don’t have.”

–  Sean M.

“I would recommend David not only to friends/family but my closest colleagues. His ability to touch and teach others of the stresses in their bodies is like no other. Go see him!”

–  Patti M., Muscular Therapist

“David, thanks to his genuine caring, flexibility and patience, is the first massage therapist ever to successfully accommodate my physical issues with lying on a table, allowing me to enjoy table massages for the first time!”
– Leslie C.

“David has the intuition of a natural healer. Coupled with strong hands and a warm personality, this makes him a excellent massage therapist.”
– Brian R.

“I feel like a wet noodle! Best massage I’ve ever had!”
– Seema R.

“David you have heard me say many times that I feel transformed after my sessions with you. Now I am finally putting it in writing! Even way back when when I first came to you, you were one of the first massage practitioners I had where I was able to truly relax rather than feeling the need to give a full critique of the massage in my head and/or jumping off the table because someone did not check in on pressure. Your style and technique allow for a deep massage into the muscle and tissue areas but in a gradual way. I am very grateful for your care, skill, and true ability to help bodies heal. Thank you for your dedication to the healing arts!”
– Chimene P.