David Sloves


What's better than the sound of silence?
The sound of music!

As a lifelong musician, I am passionate about using sound as a healing tool. Sound is vibration, as is the body. Sound is used as a healing modality by resonating with your physicality, from entire functioning systems down to individual cells. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, initiating the “relaxation response”- slower heart rate, respiration and brainwaves. This creates a perfect internal environment for healing on emotional and spiritual levels as well.

In treatments with individuals and groups, I use a carefully selected collection of instruments including Himalayan singing bowls, didgeridoo, tuning forks, handpan, flute, voice and more. The wave frequencies and harmonic textures gracefully guide and support subconscious processing, emotional release, and energetic cleansing.

For more info on sound baths for groups in Sonoma County and the greater SF Bay Area, and online, visit soundtherapeutics.org.

As a conscientious performer, I also love collaborating with yoga teachers, retreat facilitators, kirtan leaders, cacao ceremonialists, you name it! I can provide upright bass, percussion, and anything else in my treasure chest of world instruments.

“Hi David, Thank you again! The sound bath is such an enriching modality and wonderful for the nursing team to experience. I really appreciate your time and care, we are so fortunate to have you working with our oncology patients.”

– Katie B., Providence Health

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for today’s Sound Bath offering. I have said before how much your sessions mean to me and their value continues to grow for me. Today I felt so grateful as the healing sound vibrations washed over and through me. It brought me into the deepest relaxation I’ve had since my fall a few months ago. I was able to release so sweetly, about 7-8 times my nervous system would release a “jolt” of electric traumatic charge. Those releases that happened felt grace-filled and miraculous.  Your giving offering today gave me deep healing gifts of releasing the overcharged places in my nervous system. I can savor being in this deep relaxation and breathe easier.”

– Geetha C.

“Thank you all for doing the work you’re doing. I experienced your sound healing today and I was very moved. I’ve just started chemo and I’ve been very uncomfortable, but your beautiful sound and music took me on a journey that untethered me from my pain and allowed me to float. Thank you for your kindness and your spirit. I appreciate your time and devotion to wellness.

– Robin T.

Free weekly sound baths for the cancer support community online via zoom, sound healing online